Light out of darkness

porte_close-2.jpg[|Shutters closed, curtains drawn,

doors locked and sturdily barred

against nameless, unseen enemies abroad.

Hopelessness sits with us in the shadowy darkness.

How long must we continue to hide,

cowering together in barren comfort ?

What sign will tell us when it is safe to leave

and where to go from here ?

For on the hill outside the walls,

our world came to a crashing halt

when he was lifted up and died in agony.

How could we stand with him and see

his promises and our hopes reduced to naught?

Mary was there, but Mary was his mother.

We had no such ties to hold us

and so we fled…but now…?

We cannot run or hide forever.

Yet how is it possible to go back

to where we were before?

flamme-2.jpgSuddenly, as if a breath of Spring had entered,

we knew that we were no longer all alone.

He was there among as before.

No words were spoken, no lamps lit

or curtains opened or shutters lifted.

He sat there with us

sharing our darkness.

[/Mary O’Dea/]