At the dawn of a new era, Joseph was entrusted with the task of “guarding the mysteries of salvation”. Let us pray with this poem of Fr. Jean Latapie.

How did the Father see you to have risked entrusting his beloved Son to your care?

No other ever had such a share in his Paternity.

Joseph the Beloved

How did the Word see you when he lived our human life?

For him, here on earth, you were a true father,

in you he saw the eternal Father,

Joseph, the Beloved

How did the Mother see you, when she said yes to becoming your betrothed?

Never did a couple on this earth love with such truth,

Joseph, the Beloved

How did you see this adored Son, you who dared command God himself?

To fulfill your role as a human father, you were well aware that all was gift,

Joseph, the Beloved

How will we see you, spouse of the Queen, father of the King?

You were the servant who remained in the background,

you give us the keys to open the Kingdom.

Joseph, the Beloved

How will we see you today, we who are full of pride and sin?

As the Child Jesus learned everything from you,

teach us how to serve with all our humanity,

Joseph, the Beloved

How can we see things today as you see them?

Those who are willing to serve will have the place of a king.

Those who take Mary into their home will be welcomed by Jesus.

Those who love day after day will reign with God.

Just like you, Joseph.ste_famille_55-3k-6c36d.jpg