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At present have 4 communities in France. The Sisters are mainly engaged in social and pastoral outreach activities, with a particular focus on young people and the poor. Some sisters are members of charitable and humanitarian organizations, serving the needs of people with disabilities and the most vulnerable in society through psychological and educational support.


During the Franco-Prussian war in 1870, a number of Sisters fled to England with the novices. At present, we have two communities, one in London and one in Bootle, Liverpool. The Sisters are engaged in pastoral work, spiritual accompaniment and educational support.


The Sisters first came to Ireland in 1952. Today we have two communities in Dublin where the Sisters are actively involved in various ministries centering around social outreach and spirituality. These ministries include a community support network in the inner city, educational support of young adults in a socially deprived area, counselling and support of asylum seekers and victims of torture, spiritual direction and retreat work, collaboration with others in social housing projects.


Since 1886 there have been several communities in Italy, in Rome, Naples, Cetraro, Bisignano, Torre Nova. After many fruitful years of ministry in schools, parishes and residences for young people, most of our Italian sisters are now in heaven, with just one small community in Rome, living in an inter Congregational Residential Home, where they continue their ministry through prayer, Adoration and through their caring presence with the other residents.


We are in Cameroon since 1967, present today in Douala, Yaounde and Bafoussam which is also the novitiate house. Attentive especially to the marginalised, the Sisters are engaged in pastoral work, catechetics, education, nursing, retreats and spiritual accompaniment.


There is a small community in Bucheon since 1985. The Sisters are engaged in social outreach and spiritual accompaniment.


The Congregation was established on Japanese soil in 1947. On the day of the Beatification of our Foundress in Rome, the Sisters were approached with a request on behalf of a Japanese bishop for a foundation in Japan. Today, the Sisters are in Tokyo, Nagasaki, Nishinomiya (Osaka) and more recently Fukushima after the nuclear explosion and tsunami in 2011. Today the Sisters are engaged in parish and diocesan ministries, spirituality, education, outreach to migrants and the marginalised.


The Sisters have been in Manila since 1996, involved in pastoral work, educational support, presence to the very poor in their neighbourhood. It is also the house of formation for younger members.


A small group of Japanese Sisters went to Micronesia in 1980 and established the Congregation in the two islands of Pohnpei and Chuuk. They were joined over the years by a some young Micronesians who continue the mission of supporting the local Church, formation of the laity and permanent deacons and teaching in the local  Catholic schools.