After a novena of prayer, the closing celebration of this jubilee year took place on Saturday 30th November in Douala. Sr. M. Anna represented Sr. Marjorie. Sr. M. Jose , Sr. Anne Marie and Sr. M. Blandine were invited to participate in the celebration.

Sr. M. José shares her experience:

“We arrived for the jubilee celebration of 50 years of presence in Cameroon. The day before the closing Mass, the children took part in a sports event. The story of Bl. Marie Therese de Soubiran was beautifully dramatized by a group of young people.
On 30th September, a solemn Mass was presided over by Bishop Dieudonné, who was a young seminarian and spent some time in Ayos with Sr. M. Blandine. The talented choir with tamtam and balafons created an energising atmosphere as the people gathered for Mass.

During this celebration, Sr. M. Claire was missioned to Micronesia.

I leave you to imagine the garden party after the Mass!

For me, it was a great experience, although a bit too short to adapt to the life of the country, such as the food, the noise, the liturgy. Cameroon has no problem of secularism. What happens in any church is broadcast to the whole neighbourhood, because of the loudspeakers placed outside the church.
Now it is important to pray for Cameroon, for the communities, the country. Next year there will be elections … Mat the Lord bring peace to the hearts of the people. ”

During this celebration, S. M. Claire was missioned to Micronesia.

Here are some photos to give an idea of the atmosphere of the day.