Yes, we left the shore, to go out into the deep …


Tuesday 12th August: at 9am we gathered in the large Chapter room where we were invited to sit in groups of 5 around 5 tables. This little international group will be our base community for the duration of the Chapter. We will begin each day with a time of prayer on the Gospel of the day. Our spiritual guide, Fr. Charlie Davy S.J. will offer some reflections on the text and, after a period of personal prayer, we will share in our small group. We all received a booklet with the references for the liturgy of the day, as well as some words of Bl. Marie Therese or the Constitutions linked with the Gospel text. A big thank you to the Sisters who proposed these texts, one of whom was Sr. M. Régine, her last gift to the Congregation.

As you listen to the Gospel each day and perhaps use it for prayer, you will be in communion with the Capitulants, in the breath of the same Spirit.

It felt as if we were already very much at ease in this time of silence and sharing; but we had to get down to work and our facilitator invited us to put on our earphones to listen to the report of the Superior General on the work of the Counci since the 2008 Chapter…and what an amount of work accomplished or in process!


Next we had the report of the General Bursar who presented the financial situation of the Congregation clearly and simply, illustrated by graphs.


Wednesday 13th, another day of listening, this time to the reports of the Regional Leaders on the apostolic life of the different countries and the challenges for us into the future.


Following on all these reports, there was a time for reactions and questions to allow us to understand better the reality of the Congregation with all its richness and limitations.

Beginning on Thursday, we will be working on the charism, using the documents from the Regional Chapters, where we will rediscover all that we shared in our communities over the last year.

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